It’s a Tired Old Saying…

19 Mar

But it’s so true.

Here is the wreath I made. I got the idea, again, off of Pinterest.  I was so happy with it… for a half second.  Lesson learned:  don’t hang something on my door that will be destroyed if it falls off.


St. Paddy’s Smoothie

17 Mar

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, I’m posting the recipe to my favorite green smoothie.  I’ve been drinking this for my breakfast every day this week and it is seriously delish.  I found the link to the recipe on Pinterest.  I’m having to eat my original words about Pinterest.  Oh, well.

If you’re interested in trying it, I promise it’s good (assuming you like banana since that’s mostly what you taste).  Keep in mind that this recipe makes 2 servings.  The servings seem a little small, but it’s very filling.

1 cup almond milk

1 banana

1-1/2 Tbsp almond butter

2 handfuls of spinach

That’s it!  I use frozen bananas and also add a little ice for volume.  Makes a perfect breakfast or snack!  Hope you enjoy it.  🙂

A Christmas Story

15 Feb

So I have finally weeded through all of my pictures from Christmas and have a few to share here on the blog.  However, going through my pictures, I realized I simply have to do this first…

Remember the days before digital photography?  I kind of miss the excitement of picking up my newly-developed film and discovering what was on the roll.  It wasn’t so much about great pictures as just great memories.  Sometimes, I wish we could go back to those days.  But then there are times like these when I wonder how we ever managed to get a decent shot when we were limited by how much film and developing we could afford.  I often take numerous photos of the “same thing” hoping one will come out great.  I’m usually not disappointed.  But even some serious tenacity this past Christmas Eve did not pay off in the way I wanted.  And yet, I could never trade this group of photos for a single perfect one.

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More Christmas pics to come!

A Letter to My Spin Instructor

22 Jan

Dear Spin Instructor,

I really enjoy spinning.  I didn’t think I’d ever say that because I tried spinning just over a decade ago, and my rear end couldn’t take it.  But something is different this time.  Either the bike seats are more padded, or my seat is.  I’m not sure which.  Well, okay, I am.  But that’s not the point. 

My point is that as much as I enjoy the exercise, I’m not sure if I can force myself to go back to your class, because you make me crazy.  Here are my top 5 tips for NOT driving people away from your class.

5.  Don’t wait until the last 5 minutes of the class to see if the video you were supposed to play is playing or not.  Your “oops” didn’t make it easier for me to stare at a heart rate graph for an hour when I could have been watching competitive biking through beautiful scenery.  [And, no, my dear readers, I can’t just go bike in beautiful scenery because I live in Dallas and also because I don’t actually know how to ride a bike.] 

4.  Please explain to newcomers that earplugs are provided at the front of the room because we WILL eventually NEED them to keep from going DEAF over your INSANE YELLING.  Some people might stupidly assume that the volume at the beginning of the class will be fairly consistent throughout.

3.  I know how long a minute is.  I’m a runner (despite what I may have said here), so I’m pretty good at pacing myself.  Please don’t tell me that we have a one minute hill and then try to convince me that 180 seconds is really just 60 seconds.  I paced myself for 60 seconds.  That’s what you told me to do.  I can tell time and I know a liar when I see one. 

2.  When you say, “Now, we’re gonna GO HARD for ONE MINUTE” (see #3 above to learn about “one minute”) and then you continue to talk for a minute, I assume you’re trying to distract me.  I’m NOT LISTENING.  I’m GOING HARD like you told me to do.  So when you finish your little monologue with, “Now GO!!!!,”  I’m already done.

1.  This is Spin Class, not professional counseling.  Please stop telling me to “Find my truth and LIVE IT!”  Please stop asking me if I’m doing what I need to do to become the person I want to become.  And, especially do NOT tell me that adding a gear will make me a better person.  I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in assuming you don’t even remember saying that last bit, but you totally did.


Someone Who Would Love to Continue Spinning But May Not Be Able to Handle Your Level of CRAZY

Cornerstone Kids > The Village Church

19 Jan

Cornerstone Kids > The Village Church.   Wow.  This is beautiful.

Child’s Play

12 Jan

C.J. has been home sick with his asthma quite a bit the last two weeks (including yesterday and today).  And now we don’t have school again until Tuesday.  He’s the kind of kid who is never fully happy being inside.  He’d much prefer to be running around outside, riding his scooter, playing with his friends, etc.  And that’s GREAT…except when his asthma is acting up like this.

So…I’ve been on a search to find fun activities for us to do at home, and hopefully some educational ones, too, since he’s missing a lot of school.  (Yes, I know it’s only Kindergarten, but still.)  Yesterday, we played board games, painted a birdhouse, did some chemistry experiments, made & practiced “sight words” flashcards, and played with the teaching cash register Mimi and Pappa gave C.J. for Christmas.  And…I’m a bit out of new ideas.  But, now I’ve found some cool ideas on Pinterest.  You may remember that I talked about Pinterest in a recent post.  Turns out, the site is WAY more than just crafts and if I had a ton of time to kill, I could easily spend hours looking through all the neat stuff there.

For my friends with kiddos (or grandkiddos), I’ll be listing some of the ideas/websites I find here.  Check back, because I’ll add more as I find them.  And if you know of some, please leave me the links in my comments!  I’d really appreciate it.  We’re desperate to stave off boredom right now!


All For the Boys
Toys in the Dryer

Science Sparks

Play At Home Mome 3 

This Is The Year? – Tullian Tchividjian

3 Jan

This is a (very short) must-read for the new year!

HAPPY 2012!

This Is The Year? – Tullian Tchividjian.